What is the Turning Process?
TurningTurning is a valuable machining process that is used to shape the external surface of an object. Turning is achieved with the use of a specialized cutting tool and is typically used on materials such as:
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Composite materials
Turning is similar to the machining process called "boring” in which the cutting happens internally on the object. The cutting actions are so similar that turning and boring are usually grouped together into the same machining category.
The process of turning may be accomplished manually by passing a cutting tool such as a lathe across the surface of an object. Usually a machine will be used to turn the object while the cutting tool is applied to the surface. This results in uniform cuts of precise shapes and diameter. Turning often results in cylindrical shapes and the products can range in size from small to very large. Simple cutting edges are used to shape materials that can also be coned, curved or grooved.
Professional turning is achieved through the use of conventional turning machines or by using modern automated turning machines.
What is CNC Turning?
CNC stands for "Computer Numerical Control” and the term describes a machine that is automated to perform a certain task. The machine uses a computer program to execute a precise set of instructions to produce exceptionally consistent results. CNC turning is the most common type of turning performed today. It is especially useful in terms of detailed cuts as well as mass production.
In terms of mass production the deviation of the machine is incredibly important. Manual turning is slower and results in greater deviations from one item to another. CNC turning makes it possible to produce massive quantities of products with almost no deviation at all. Traditional turning requires constant attention by the operator, but a CNC turning machine removes the need for continuous supervision. With the continued improvements in CNC turning machine technology and methods it is becoming increasingly rare for conventional turning to be used. There are still unique uses for conventional turning in the machining industry and the best machining companies will offer the service to clients who require it.
CNC Turning Companies
Turning services are generally available as part of a larger selection of machining services. These services will typically include full fabrication and welding services as well. The best machining companies will offer a comprehensive range of turning services available for materials from under one inch in diameter to nearly 300 inches.
The best machining companies will offer the latest technology and methods for CNC turning to produce exceptional quality components. These products should be of high tolerance with the company being able to meet requirements for unconventional shapes and sizes.
A large lathe inventory will allow machining companies to be able to accommodate mass production as well as any emergency requirements that arise. This may be accomplished through complementing a supply of CNC turning machines with conventional turning machines to provide additional production flexibility.
Discover the exceptional quality products that are possible with the help of experienced and highly skilled labour. Trust your CNC turning needs to a superior machining company today.
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